Seagate New Backup Plus 4TB
รหัสสินค้า  221555010

Seagate New Backup Plus 4TB

รหัสสินค้า  221555010
  • 4TB Storage Capacity
  • Protect your data with easy flexible backups
  • Easy to share files between Windows and Mac computers
  • USB 3.0 plug-and-play with no bulky power supply adapters
ราคาปกติ:  ฿ 4,990
ราคาพิเศษ:  ฿ 3,820
ประหยัดทันที  ฿ 1,170
ราคานี้ใช้ได้ตั้งแต่  09/05/2018 - 10/12/2018
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รับประกัน 3 ปี
ของแท้ 100%
สีของสินค้า Black
Packaging Dimension (W x L x H) 11.45 x 7.6 x 2.03 cm
Weight Detail 0.25 kg

Seagate New Backup Plus 4TB

ชื่อแบรนด์ : Seagate

รุ่น : New Backup Plus

ขนาดสินค้า : 11.45 x 7.6 x 2.03 cm

น้ำหนักสินค้า : 0.25 kg

การรับประกัน : 3 ปี (นับจากวันที่ซื้อสินค้า) /รับประกันภายในประเทศ)



Small drive, large storage. The Seagate Backup Plus portable storage drive gives you 4TB of space to back up your digital life -- all those valuable files from your computer and content from your mobile devices. You can easily store your movie, music, and photo collections, and enjoy the portability to bring them with you wherever you go.


More Information

You've heard the story before: somebody's computer crashed and they lost all their files for good. But you never thought something like that would ever happen to you. Well, today it happened.

From the music playlists you spent endless hours compiling, to those amazing photos from your once-in-lifetime trip to Antarctica, your entire digital world has suddenly vanished, leaving you in a state of utter frustration and disbelief. Anger then turns to panic as you realize you've also lost important documents you're supposed to deliver to a client later this week.

And that's when you wake up. Thankfully, it was all just a dream; well, more of a nightmare, really. Treating it as a bad omen, you decide to take action right away. Your solution? The Seagate Backup Plus 4TB portable external hard drive. It lets you quickly back up all your personal files so your digital life will never be in jeopardy again.


Why you need this:

- Convenient storage: With the Seagate Backup Plus portable external hard drive, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your digital world is backed up in case disaster strikes.

- 4TB capacity: The Seagate Backup Plus provides a digital warehouse to store all your music, photos, videos, documents, and other important files.

- USB 3.0 connectivity: You'll enjoy blazing-fast data transfer speeds between the external hard drive and all your devices thanks to USB 3.0 speeds, 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

- Durable design: This device sports a sleek and robust metal design so you can fearlessly take it with you wherever you go. It's also USB-powered, so you don't need a power supply.

- PC/Mac compatibility: The Seagate Backup Plus can conveniently be used between PC and Mac computers without the need for reformatting; just install NTFS drivers on your Mac and you're good to go.

- Complimentary Membership: Easily edit, organize, store and share your full-resolution photos from anywhere with a 2-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan*.

*Redeemable during product registration. Internet connection and Adobe ID required. Available only to users 13 and older. Not available in all countries. See for applicable terms and privacy Policy. Must redeem by January 31, 2020.


Details & Specs

Portable/ Desktop

- Portable


- 4 TB

Drive Type

- External Portable Hard Drive


- USB 3.0; USB 2.0

Drive Size

- 2.5 Inches

Internal or External

- External


- No

Number of Bays

- 1

PC/Mac Compatibility

- PC and Mac

Rotations Per Minute (RPM)

- 5400 rpm

Software Included

- Seagate Dashboard

Maximum Data Transfer Rate

- 120 MB/s

System Requirements

- Windows 7+, or Mac OS X 10.9 or higher operating system 1,2* SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port (required for USB 3.0 transfer speeds or backwards) compatible with USB 2.0 ports at USB 2.0 transfer speeds) 1 Reformatting for Mac may be required. 2 Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration & OS


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